Getting help/ (over)usage

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If you need help doing something, check out our support page.

Need email support? Simply send an email to and ask your question. PdfMyUrl tries to answer all questions within a working week.

If you have a problem doing something then please provide us a link of the problem demonstrated. We need an example in order to reproduce.

Priority Package

Need priority support or development time? PdfMyUrl now supplies a priority support/ development time package, mail us at for pricing details.

Over usage (limited use)

Your IP address or domain can be excluded if you overuse the service. You’ll get a blocked message if you make a combination of:

  1. more than 120 PDFs in two hours with a single IP address, and/ or
  2. PDFs take more than 500 secs to process on our servers

We exclude IP addresses to safeguard from errors for the majority of users. An enterprise license is intended for large volume and guaranteed use.

The pool of CPU resources fluctuates throughout the day. You usually don’t need to worry about the above rules, you will need to try very hard to get blocked.

The PDF making process can fail. Common reasons are:

  1. the PDF takes longer then 60 seconds to make. We automatically stop making the PDF
  2. the HTML of the site is large (e.g. lots of images > 1Mb), or
  3. the page will not load in a WebKit browser (Chrome/ Safari). We use WebKit to make PDFs
  4. there is a JavaScript error in the page you’re converting, try turning off JavaScript.

An enterprise license or priority support/ development time is intended for helping you solve these types of problems.

9 thoughts on “Getting help/ (over)usage

    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi Günther,

      Thanks for your remark. There may be a problem with the page load time or something. But in any case – our new conversion engine (which will go live in approx. two weeks) converts this page well. If you are a subscribed member then please send us your username and we’ll give you access to the draft members area.

  1. Attila Csanyi

    Dear Support,

    I am very satisfied with your pdfmyurl tool. Its awesome. I have only one question regarding to responsive html 5 conversion. Lets see an example site:

    The result pdf will contains horizontal directon of the divs, while the whole page shows 3 colums as a layout. It is because of the css media queries, why I cannot get the same view in pdf as the site looks in a browser in fullscreen?

    Is it any workaround in the pdfmyurl which produce the same pdf output for this site:

    Appreciate your answer!

    Best Regards,

    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi Attila,

      Thanks for your question. We’ll be upgrading our software shortly and the new software will support it. We’ll send you a preview over email.


    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi David,

      Please make sure that you pass the URL in such a way, that the URL itself would show all the results if you would just type it in in a browser. If that doesn’t work then you can always pass the raw HTML (including the user contents) to the API.

      Good luck!

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