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Note : we have rolled out a completely revised API in February 2014. The documentation for that is ON THE MAIN SITE. New users will automatically sign up for that, whilst current API users can choose to work with the old API or switch to the new one. The documentation below applies to the ‘old’ API.

PdfMyUrl’s online API is a professional solution that lets you create a PDF from web pages and raw HTML code in your applications. The API is easy to use and the integration takes only a few lines of code. Here are some samples created with the API. Click a thumbnail to open the PDF.

Status report

Business report with dynamic charts

Wikipedia page



The code needed to generate this follows. Notice that the code is simply html markup!

<table> <tr> <td> <center><a href=””><br /><img src=”–thumb” /><br /></a></center> </td> <td> <center><a href=””… /><img src=”–thumb” /><br /></a></center> </td> <td> <center><a href=””><br /><img src=”–thumb” /><br /></a></center> </td> <td> <center><a href=”… /><img src=”–thumb” /></a></center> </td> <td> <center><a href=”… /><img src=”–thumb” /></a></center> </td> </tr><tr><td><center>Status report</center></td> <td><center>Business report with dynamic charts</center></td> <td><center>Wikipedia page</center></td> <td><center>Invoice</center></td> <td><center>Newsletter</center></td> </tr></table>

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