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FYI, I’m generating PDFs using your service in a unique way that you may be interested in… I’m processing the output of a PHP script directly to PDF (not displaying it on screen) by using a form to pass along all the details to your http://pdfmyurl.com site. For example, here’s the code from a page, which automatically creates a PDF of the dynamic output of another page when a ‘Save as PDF’ form button is clicked:

<form id=”id” method=”post” action=”http://pdfmyurl.com?–filename=$pdf_name&–margin-top=5&–margin-bottom=5&–orientation=Portrait&–username=user&–password=pass”>
<input id=”url” name=”url” type=”hidden” value=”https://mysite.com/jk/page.php?access=$access&company_id_search=$company_id_search&company_search=$company_search&client_since=$ client_since&start_date=$start_date&end_date=$end_date&tc_agreement=$tc_agreement&bu=$bu&hosting=$hosting”>
<INPUT TYPE=’SUBMIT’ name=”Submit” id=”icon” value=”Save as PDF”>

I seriously love PDFmyURL It saved my butt again today:
The European Patent Office doesn’t automatically generate PDFs of patent application data like the US Patent office does. 
I used PDFmyURL to add the record to a patent application’s file. !!!

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