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Why use pdfmyurl?

Creating a PDF from an existing Web page is only one use case for You could use it in *any* situation where you want to generate a PDF. You could generate invoices, user manuals, catalogs, magazines, résumés or a calendar for example.

Videos – PDFmyURL

Some great videos have been posted about PDFmyURL



Ed Mercer:

Email-to-a-friend button

Send PDFs via email with PDFmyURL

We now support the ability to

1. generate a PDF and

2. send it to yourself, or any other email address, friends, colleagues, clients, etc.

How to use on your server (wget)

For business license holders only we accept requests through WGET.

Synopsis (the first -O <filename> is wget’s own output file option):

wget -O opentracker.pdf “–header-left=hello”

HTML to PDF Reporting

PdfMyUrl’s online API is a professional solution that lets you create a PDF from web pages and raw HTML code in your applications. The API is easy to use and the integration takes only a few lines of code. Here are some samples created with the API. Click a thumbnail to open the PDF.

HTML to PDF Syntax

If you want to convert HTML code to a PDF you can use the –html function.

Use this if your content (page) is not located online OR if your page is behind a secured login area.

Simply ‘post’ the content to our service like this:–html=<h1>Hello,</h1><p>This is html content to be pdf’ed</p>

Security / SSL / https

You can use the secure socket connection for creating a pdf at (notice the https protocol):

<a href="">A pdf to download</a>

If you copy paste that into your website html editor, then you get (go ahead, try and click it!):

A secure pdf to download

Private Server

For high volume or private PDF-ing we offer a hosted dedicated private server that can be configured to suit your needs. Please mail us for details.

Pdfmyurl is a service!

How can I implement pdfmyurl as a service?

It’s easy if you know html. The following snippet of html shows how you can make a link of the url you want to pdf:

<a href="">A pdf to download</a>

If you copy paste that into your website html editor, then you get (go ahead, try and click it!):

A pdf to download

13 thoughts on “Support Homepage

  1. Roy Langmaid

    Hi, I have been using pdfmyurl as a free service for about six months. Now I have subscribed and I cannot pdf my posts in the same way as before. Originally the pdf’s contained only the post text and images and none of the sidebar content. How can I adjust the settings to reproduce this in the new set-up login page?
    I don’t want to copy the messages and logos like Facebook and Twitter from the sidebars onto my pdfs. Please help

    Roy Langmaid

    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi Roy,

      Reply is also in over email – the new conversion engine is dealing with more content than before and therefore you should handle with this in your CMS (maybe you’re using WordPress or JoomLa?) or try switching off JavaScript in the settings

  2. Kamra Nakbari

    Thanks for your good service to convert any URL into PDF.
    When I try to convert “” ; there is no text in the output PDF , it seems the service has some problems with texts from right-to-left languages and CODEPAGES like Arabic and Persian.

    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi Kamra,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this is because of the JavaScript that BBC is running on that page. We believe it’s the cookie allowance plugin. If you turn that off you’ll notice that the Arabic shows up correctly. Please check other Persian sites to see for yourself.


  3. Mayur Dudhasiya


    I have 2 queries which are displayed below.
    So. Please help me for the same ASAP.

    (1) Can you provide the demo for generating the PDF of my html ?
    So, I can check the pdf of my reports and then I purchase your API.

    (2) I also generate the PDF from your website :-
    And i got the error on my line graph (Not display the lines on line graph) in generating PDF.
    So, can you help me for the same?

    Thank you

  4. Ulrich Sommerlik

    Dear PDFmyURL,

    I would like to copy 260 subpages from a website as they appear live, when you call up the applicable site.

    Is there a way that PDFmyURL picks up the subpages automatically or must I past the URL for each site?


    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi Ulrich,

      Yes, you can use the batch API with a sitemap. If the site has no sitemap yet, you can find how to create one easily and in the future we’ll incorporate a way to do that as well.

      Good luck!

  5. Neal Vanderee

    I just did the pdf conversion but I get a large DEMO word across everything.

    What do I need to do to get rid of the demo? I thought the trial version was free and would work?


    1. pdfmyurl Post author

      Hi Neal,

      Thank you for trying out the trial version – it is indeed free and is fully functional, but you will get a watermark over the PDFs. Everything else is exactly like with a paid license.

      Team PDFmyURL

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