Introduction to PDFmyURL

Why use pdfmyurl?

Creating a PDF from an existing Web page is only one use case for You could use it in *any* situation where you want to generate a PDF. You could generate invoices, user manuals, catalogs, magazines, résumés or a calendar for example.

You could do this in a dynamic way with PHP or ASP. Rather than try to figure out the PDF format, or the workings of some arcane library, you can generate a page of HTML (which you already know, and is well documented) and then convert that.

Generating PDFs for different uses using HTML as your templating system is a sound idea. The idea that your PDF templates can be in HTML and sit in your application alongside page templates, and basically be edited by the same people, is pretty attractive.

What’s even more interesting is you do not need to worry or play with concurrency issues/ server load or configuration settings etc., this has already been solved and tested by millions of users, who’s feedback is making things a better product for everyone!

Confused? Watch this video:

Using is a free online tool to easily convert and save any web page to PDF. Try using our bookmark feature, simply surf to pdfmyurl and drag the bookmarklet box to your bookmarks bar (works in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari And Chrome).

Logging into your account

Premium users can log into their account by surfing to and clicking the top right hand login button.

Once logged in you can keep track of the pdf’s you’ve made with the “view history” link (top right).

You can customize your preferences by clicking on the preferences bar, directly under the url submit textarea.