Email-to-a-friend button

Send PDFs via email with PDFmyURL
We now support the ability to
1. generate a PDF and
2. send it to yourself, or any other email address, friends, colleagues, clients, etc.

Among many things, you can use this technology to implement an “Email to a friend” button. This is a universal feature/ concept that many of your visitors and users will immediately understand.

Please see this demonstration link to see how the technology works and how you can test it:…

Note the ’email’ parameter. This determines where the email is sent to. In this case, the email containing the PDF generated of will be sent to

Demo: you can test this feature by changing the email address to your own.

The ‘subject’ parameter determines the subject of the email sent.
Additional text in the message itself describes that this is a service from pdfmyurl. This feature is only available to premium users.

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